British Logic Colloquium 2003

Scientific Report

The meeting was from tea-time on Wednesday 3 September to lunch-time on Saturday 6 September, 2003; it included the annual meeting of the British Logic Colloquium, on 4 September. It was organised by Dr R Dyckhoff and Dr Stephen Read.

Talks were given, as itemised below, on a wide range of topics in logic, including philosophical logic, computational logic, automated reasoning, model theory, set theory, constructivism, modal logic and proof theory.

Names of the 11 principal speakers:

Patrick Blackburn         Nancy
Douglas Bridges           Canterbury (NZ) and Munich
Mirna Dzamonja           Norwich
Richard Kaye                Birmingham
John Mayberry              Bristol
Stewart Shapiro            Ohio
Harold Simmons           Manchester
Colin Stirling                Edinburgh
Goran Sundholm          Amsterdam
Alasdair Urquhart         Toronto
Jon Williamson             London

Total number of participants (including speakers): 61
Number of research student participants:                28
Number of women participants:                                8

Titles of the 11 invited talks were (in order of the speakers as above):

Hybrid Logic
Apartness spaces - a new foundation for constructive topology
On Keisler's Maximality and the SOP Hierarchy
Variations on Resplendency
The Set Theoretical Account of Arithmetic
Abstraction and Indefinite Extensibility
The Intrinsic Complexity of Natural Number Functions
Modal Logic with Fixed Points
Formal Languages with Content
The Identity of Proofs
Combining Probability and Logic

Titles and authors of the 12 contributed talks were:

How to be a logicist! (Roy Cook)
Modal logics of ordered trees (Ulle Endriss)
Some Properties of Products with GL.3 (David Gabelaia)
Decidable extensions of guarded formulae with number restrictions (LIlia Georgieva)
On the computational complexity of decidable fragments of first-order linear temporal logics (Roman Kontchakov)
Russell's 1906 completeness theorem (Peter Milne)
Analytic Zariski structures and the Hrushovski connection (Nicholas Peatfield)
Countable Homogeneous Coloured Partial Orders (Susana Torrezao de Sousa)
An immuno-deficiency in Hartry Field's theory of truth (Philip Welch)
Non-monotonic logic reconsidered (Gregory Wheeler)
Restricted self-reference and the Liar paradox (Bruno Whittle)
Inductive definitions over predicative arithmetic (Richard Williams)